‘A perfect place to plant the seeds for a new vision based on love, compassion and kindness towards yourself and each other. Be Kind Retreats is created with the mission to bring more self-love into this world, by women for women. All retreats are build on everything we believe is needed to find love within yourself: yoga, surf, therapy, coaching, self-love workshops and meditation.”


A personal journey

Often we travel to find ourselves, but we get lost in distractions along the way. While in order to find oneself, the most important journey, is the one you make within. Be Kind Retreats is a personal investment to find more inner balance, work on self-love and self-care and disconnect to reconnect.

In the current society we see ‘the pressure of perfection’. More women than ever before feel the need to be perfect. At the same time the mental health of young women is a growing concern. Perfectionism can have serious implications, it has been linked to anxiety and depression and the health and unhappiness of young women is rising. This is something we want to change!



Disconnect to reconnect

Social media feeds perfectionism, therefore all Be Kind retreats are offline. Distancing yourself from social media gives you the opportunity to connect with yourself on soul level and find out who you are, what your purpose is and what you really want in life.

Be Kind Retreats is not just a normal yoga or surf retreat, it is an inner journey where spirituality meets fun and where relaxing meets coaching. Go surf, do yoga, eat good food, feel the sun on your skin, go on adventures with likeminded woman, laugh, feel the positive vibes and enjoy the tropical local Balinese village life around the villa while making lifelong friendships.


“For every woman who is ready to feel their freedom from inside, to gain your inner strength back, to love yourself and your imperfections, to let go of your struggle, to forgive yourself. For women who are dealing with a burn-out, depression, eating disorder, anxiety or an all over feeling that life is not giving you enough or the constant fight of pushing yourself.”


Surf & Yoga Retreat

Let the healing effect of the ocean do its work during our Surf & Yoga retreat. This six-day retreat provides you with personal small group yoga sessions and the opportunity to learn how to surf at one of the best surf spots in the world. However, this retreat does not just teach you how to surf. We believe that surfing is a great tool to face your fears and get more confident. By practicing surfing you’ll learn to stay more present in daily life.

Self-love retreat

Dig deeper and work on self-love from a place rooted within yourself. During our self-love retreat, you'll get to reconnect with yourself and your life purpose by undergoing multiple life coaching sessions. This six-day retreat also includes a healing session focussed on letting go of all toxic things that don't serve you and any possible traumas from your past.