Often we travel to find ourselves but we get lost in distractions along the way. While in

order to find oneself, the most important journey, is the one you make within.

Be Kind retreats are focussed on reconnecting with yourself. Because we are convinced

this is where all happiness begins. The only way you increase self-love is to improve

your self-awareness and true self-knowledge.


We truly believe in digital detoxing and apply this within all our retreats. Recent studies

have shown the negative effect daily digital habits have on our lives which we aren’t aware of.

Distancing yourself from social media and digital distractions such as smartphones and laptops,

gives you the opportunity to work on reconnecting with yourself without any unnecessary distractions.


We provide retreats for women, because we are here to support our fellow

females. We strongly believe in the power of females collaborating together. Our retreats

are the perfect place to plant the seeds for a new vision based on love, compassion, and

kindness towards yourself and each other.




We believe in the power of females. As for being women ourselves we understand the struggle with negative self-beliefs, extremely high standards and destructive perfectionism.

We aim for a sisterhood community that empowers one another. By gathering together as women we tend to feel more comfortable in addressing certain subjects and talk freely about taboos.

We feel that every time women gather together, the world heals a little more. We know there are countless beautiful and talented young women out there. We strive to be the change for them by providing useful tools to learn how to love yourself more. We truly believe in the potential of every single female.


We provide small, personal, and private retreats at a peaceful and unique location. During the retreat, you’ll stay at a quiet and cozy place, nestled between beautiful rice fields and right outside the busy hustle of Canggu. Because the groups are small and intimate, we are able to work with a deeper one-on-one approach to every woman. Giving you the opportunity to work on specific problems and subjects.

Our groups contain a maximum of 4 people. By creating intimate women-only retreats we create a space and the opportunity for powerful conversations and connections to take place. Although the retreats are focussed on internal connections and not on external connections, you will make life long friends with the other women at the retreat. 


juice detox retreat

Detox the mind, body, and soul with our Juice Detox retreat. A five-day retreat including a juice detox with daily organic, fresh juices. We combine the juice cleanse with a guided digital detox to unplug and reconnect with yourself and personalized small group yoga sessions to balance the energy within your body.

Within all our retreats we offer one on one healing and coaching sessions and create beautiful women circles that give you the opportunity to share your story. Transport to several hotspots within Canggu is included.


SURF & YOGA retreat

Let the healing effect of the ocean do it's work during our Surf & Yoga retreat. This six-day retreat provides you with personalized small group yoga sessions twice a day and the opportunity to learn how to surf at one of the best surf spots in the world. However, this retreat does not just teach you how to surf. We believe that surfing is a great tool to face your fears and get more confident. By practicing surfing you’ll learn to stay more present in daily life.

Enjoy daily massages to help your muscles recover and relax. While daily vegan breakfasts and organic juices are provided to keep you in shape.


Dig deeper and work on self-love from a place rooted within yourself. During our Self-Love retreat, you'll get to reconnect with yourself and your life purpose by undergoing multiple life coaching sessions. This six-day retreat also includes a healing session focussed on letting go of all toxic things that don't serve you and any possible traumas from your past. When you find yourself in a negative cycle in your life, it is often hard to break through and move forward. Living a fear-driven life can be very draining. The best way to break through patterns is to show ourselves we can change our mindset and we are not controlled by our thoughts and fears.