“Dear you, 

you beautiful woman.

You deserve to be connected with yourself. 

You deserve to make mistakes without blaming yourself. 

You deserve to discover yourself. 

You deserve to find the deeper meaning of your life.

You deserve to be loved for who you really are.

You deserve to love yourself.”


A safe space

We believe that everything you are seeking, is already within yourself, you are your own teacher. We will plant the seeds to guide you in this beautiful journey: the journey of healing yourself.

Be Kind is…

… a sacred space to connect with your true self

… a safe place to take time to heal

… a place to to open up your heart and connect with your intuition

… a place without judgment, without anything to prove to anyone or yourself

… a place where you can open up and feel vulnerable and strong at the same time

… a place to allow yourself to be, to be listened to, to feel supported

… a place where other women are not rivals, but only there to support and inspire you


Wild women

As the duality in nature, we all have Yin and Yang energies inside us. We all use both masculine and feminine polarity. In our modern competitive society, pressure and media can make us forget how special it is to be a woman.

Being a woman is a special gift. We are created to bond. To love. By embracing your feminine side, you will make a deep connection with yourself, find your inner power and wisdom. You will connect with your heart, to grow and evolve, heal your relationships, and find your true purpose.

In Be Kind, we want to help you connect with a more forgotten place: your womb. The womb is probably our deepest spiritual centre. It’s a part of us that carries an immense power. A unique connection to a source of creativity.

To live in freedom, we need to honour our womb and womanhood. In Be Kind, you will find that you already hold the sacredness within your body and learn to connect with your intuition and the wild women inside you.

Heal yourself

Our mission is to provide you with practical tools to heal and connect with yourself. At the end of your stay, you will be able to implement all the practices and rituals, anywhere and anytime in your life. We believe in the generation of self healers, you can heal yourself! Learn more about the classes and tools we teach in the retreats here.

Small groups

With a maximum of 3 guests per week, we are able to offer you our devoted and personal support. Every week we adapt the coaching sessions and yoga classes to your specific needs and desires. Because of the small groups, you will connect on a deeper level with the other women. Many precious friendships are born in Be Kind and we are very grateful for this.  Learn more about our other values here.

Holistic approach

We use a unique holistic approach in the coaching and healing sessions where we consider every aspect of life:  body, mind, and soul– in relation to the whole. We help you to access your full potential, activate your inner power, and make a meaningful shift in the way you think and feel. Learn more about our approach here.

“For every woman who is ready to feel freedom from inside. To gain your inner strength back, to love yourself and your imperfections, to let go of your struggle, to forgive yourself. For women who are dealing with a burn-out, depression, eating disorder, anxiety, an all over feeling that life is not giving you enough or the constant fight of pushing yourself.”


Self-love package

Starts every Monday - 6 days


Mindful Surfing package

Starts every Monday - 6 days


Holistic Therapy Program

Starts every Monday - 14 or 21 days


Holistic Life Coaching Training

25 November to 4 December, 2019