Yoga and meditation


To us, yoga is more than a practice on the mat. It’s a lifestyle. During your week at Be Kind, we will introduce you to several different techniques and teachings that will support your practice at home. From ancient breathing techniques, relaxing your nervous system to journaling and movement. With all these tools you will be able to establish your own practice whether you are on the road or at home. Below you can find descriptions of each class, circle and workshop.

Yoga - Kind intention setting and grounding

Grounding and intention settings have an important space in Be Kind. We ground to become present in our body, mind and even in our surroundings. It’s a practice of creating a safe environment within and a sense of home wherever we are. Once we are reminded of our own essence, we can set an intention that serves as an inner compass in the direction we are headed. The difference between goals and intentions is that we can infuse every action with a certain quality (intention) such as “being kind” as opposed to goals where we focus on the final destination. With intentions, our journey is our purpose and every moment is an opportunity to experience life the way we are called to.

Center yourself (learn to create a yoga and meditation routine in your daily life)

You are the most important person in your life and as such, it’s important to treat yourself as one. One of the most potent ways is to dedicate some time to yourself in the morning at the beginning of a new day to check in with your body and your mind. In Be Kind, we introduce you to different practices and techniques such as journaling, breathwork, meditation, yoga postures, voice activation and much more. With these practices you will be able to create your own morning ritual. Whether you have 5 minutes or one hour,  we will give you tools you can use at home or while traveling, making your own practice flexible and approachable.

Yoga - Art of relaxation

Our busy lifestyles can have a taxing impact on our nervous system. Nowadays, we spend most of the time in fight-or-flight mode, feeling stressed about jobs, relationships, ourselves, the future, the past and the list goes on and on. It’s important to learn how to truly relax and restore, because as long as we are in this stressful mode, we are unable to heal. In Be Kind we will teach and remind you what it feels like to be truly relaxed and soft. We will guide you to enter the rest and digest mode, activating the parasympathetic nervous system where proper digestion, metabolism and resting can occur through Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra and other restorative techniques. With our body and mind being calm, we can gain clarity and then proceed to healing on all levels: physically, spiritually, and mentally.

Meditation - Letting go beach meditation

Nature is one of our biggest inspirations. It’s a place where we can reconnect with something bigger than us, observe the cycles and laws of life, find inspiration and refuge from our busy mind. The island of Bali is known for its nurturing and healing powers. We are so lucky to be able to connect with this powerful source. During a week at Be Kind you will be able to connect with the nature yourself through morning meditations in our tropical garden and on the beach. We will introduce you to the practice of grounding as well as releasing and letting go of what’s no longer serving you. You will be able to find connection no matter where you are through connecting with mother nature.

Creative workshop: courage to create

Being women, creativity is one of our superpowers. Whether through colours and paints, words, movement, music, actions, our purpose and work or bringing new life to the Earth, we all have this capability. Through conditioning, being shamed or having traumatic experiences, women often try to shrink themselves to fit into whatever form or shape we were told we need to be. With this workshop you will be able to reconnect with your creative side, your inner child and slowly taking your power back. Putting into practice the idea that it’s not only about the outcome of your creation but the way you approach it and experience it.

Yoga - Sacred movement

Movement is a sacred practice of the body and soul. When we allow ourselves to move without pretense or inner judgement, we are subconsciously creating a habit of  being this way in our day to day lives. When we meet our inner resistance, move beyond what might feel uncomfortable and put down our mask, that’s when change happens. Through movement, we can reconnect with our inner child and also release emotions, stress and past traumas that haven’t been properly processed which need to be accessed and released.

Yoga - Introduction to chakras

Chakras are energy fields in our subtle bodies. When these energies are not balanced, we don’t feel aligned or energised. Some of the symptoms might be low self-esteem, fear based decisions, lack of inspiration, depression, self sabotaging habits and so on. In Be Kind, we will introduce you to each chakra and its characteristics. We will also give you guidance on how to balance and restore these energy centers through movement, breath and asanas.

Women circle

A women circle is a space where we come together to sit in celebration of womanhood. In Be Kind we cherish them as an opportunity to connect with other women, to sing, to dance, to play and to express whatever is on our hearts. These circles are very intimate and safe. When we share and open up to other women, we recognise that although our paths are unique, we are never walking alone.

Cleansing ceremony in Sebatu temple in Ubud

In every program, we will take you to the holy water springs in the Sebatu temple in Ubud. In these sacred waters you will have the opportunity to join a purification ceremony. During your personal ritual, you can pray, let go and set intentions and wishes for the future. This is a deep meditative practice that will leave you with sense of clarity and lightness.

Yoga active flow - Learn the importance of moving

During an active flow we will guide you through gentle yoga practice that you can incorporate in your daily practice.  Although we don’t lead you through an asana or posture practice every morning, it’s important to remember the benefits of movement. Be it yoga, dancing or running, movement helps us to move energy through the body and release processed emotions. Movement is also a crucial part of self-care as a way of nurturing our bodies along with proper nutrition and sleep.

Yoga - celebration of life

In the process of learning about our shadow sides, healing the past and navigating through all that needs to be released, we can get stuck in an attempt to “fix ourselves”. In Be Kind, we believe there is no such thing needed, as we are never “broken”. It’s important for us to remember we are whole and complete already and all the answers lie within. It’s also vital to keep in mind that life should be enjoyed and energizing and thrilling. To remind this to ourselves, we come together to laugh, to dance, to share, to step into our greatness and embody the goddess within.

Do you have any questions about the yoga and meditation sessions, workshops and women circles at Be Kind? Please don’t hesitate to reach out. You can contact us via email: We share more about these topics on our Instagram.