The Shift


A unique holistic therapy program for young women who are ready to let go of their mental struggles. The Shift helps you see your battle from a different perspective and teaches you different tools to heal yourself. The combination of Mindful Based Cognitive Therapy, yoga, meditation, holistic therapy, spiritual healing and a dose of fun makes this program everything you need. 


Healing ourselves

We believe that healing is the process of joining the material and spiritual self, the visible and invisible, the physical and subtle. Working on this can be challenging, however we free ourselves from any heaviness that is not serving us anymore. We free ourselves to become truly real, open and happy. We free ourselves to heal.

A worthwhile program for every woman who feels like they have lost their power inside themselves, with the intention to show other women it is possible to change your current situation, because the gateways to wisdom and knowledge are always open. The Shift will show you a path to find the place within yourself where you find your own self-love, full of inner strength and authenticity.

From a deeply rooted desire to show other women it is possible to change, the program is set up, created by a group of women who found their own path of healing.


For who

For every woman who is ready to feel their freedom from inside, to gain your inner strength back, to love yourself and your imperfections, to let go of your struggle, to forgive yourself. Where ever there is a burn out, depression, eating disorder, anxiety, all over feeling that life is not giving you enough or the contact fight of pushing yourself. Unique program goals:

- Letting go of your emotional heaviness and mental struggles

- Finding your inner strength and purpose in life

- Trusting yourself again, learning to love yourself and take care of yourself

- (Re)connecting with yourself and building a deeper relationship with your spiritual self

- Building a healthy relationship with your fears and emotions


The shift uses a wider way of therapies and holistic treatments to reconnect with your own power and start to create a healthy relationship with yourself. The shift includes: one-on-one coaching, healing, yoga, meditation, surf, mindful based cognitive behaviour therapy and more.

The Shift is a 2 to 3 weeks program with 3 different stages. Depending on your needs and wishes, you will set up the length of your personal retreat together with the Be Kind team.

Stage 1 - The Disconnection

We believe that awareness is the first step into healing, changing and accepting. To become aware of your struggles, feelings and patterns we need to disconnect first.

Stage 2 - The Shift

In this week we use a wider way of therapies and holistic treatments to reconnect with your own power and start to create a healthy relationship with yourself.

Stage 3 - The Reconnection

During the final stage you will plant the seeds for your future; the answers within you will come the moment you are at ease with yourself.

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