Holistic Therapy Program

“The Shift”


We believe in a shift rather than a change. A shift is forever and is totally within yourself, you only need you. 

We believe all the wisdom is already inside you.

We believe everything you want is already inside you.

We believe you are already good enough, just the way you are.

You don’t need to change, because you are already all that you need. 

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Holistic healing

We believe in the power of holistic healing. Holistic for us means to look at our ‘whole’ selves and not just one part of it. During the therapy, coaching and healing sessions we will consider every aspect of you: body, mind and soul - in relation to the whole. Regular therapy often focuses on only one part, the rational mind, and for many women this is not enough to make a meaningful shift in the way they think and feel.

From a holistic perspective we don’t believe in labels and disorders, but we do believe we can experience mental struggles from childhood traumas, not knowing who we are, depressing emotions, pressure from society, perfectionism or living in a fear-based society.

The Shift is a sustainable program to make a long-term shift in your life. During the three weeks at Be Kind you will find the roots of your struggles, fears, anger and unhealthy patterns inside yourself. With different therapies such as mindful cognitive behavioural therapy, creative therapy, intuitive coaching, chakra balancing, spiritual healing, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, trauma release therapy, mirror work and more. The moment we find the roots of your problems, you are able to make a shift and let go of everything that is too heavy to carry.

A unique holistic therapy program for every woman who is ready to let go of her mental struggles. The Shift helps you to see your battle from a different perspective and teaches you different tools to heal yourself. The combination of mindful based cognitive therapy, yoga, meditation, holistic therapy, spiritual healing and a dose of fun makes this program everything you need. 


For who

For every woman who is ready to feel freedom from inside. To gain your inner strength back, to love yourself and your imperfections, to let go of your struggle, to forgive yourself. For women who struggle with a burn-out, depression, eating disorder, anxiety, all over feeling that life is not giving you enough or the constant fight of pushing yourself.

The Shift is a program for women who already tried regular therapy programs, but didn’t connect with this. The Shift is created with the vision that for many women, only regular therapy is not enough. We believe in the power of holistic healing, that we need to feel before we can shift and the importance of connecting with our intuition and not just with our rational mind.

The Shift is designed by women who have struggled themselves, among others with anorexia and depression. This program is made for women who want to make a real shift, but can’t find the right support to do this with just cognitive based therapy.

We want to inspire you to broaden your horizon to find the right way of therapy and healing.

The Shift has 3 stages: the disconnection, the shift and the reconnection. We believe that awareness is the first step into healing, changing and accepting. To become aware of your struggles, feelings and patterns we need to disconnect first. After disconnecting we will focus on connecting with your own power and creating a healthy relationship with yourself. During the final stage you will plant the seeds for your future; the answers within you will come the moment you are at ease with yourself.


What you need to know


The Shift is either 2 or 3 weeks and can also be personalised to a longer stay. The total investment is € 2.900 for 2 weeks and € 3.900 for 3 weeks. We use the word ‘investment’, as you are investing in your mental health, happiness and the quality of your life.


The Shift can be started every Monday of the year. Please reach out if you are interested in booking and we will inform you about our availability.


We have space for maximum 4 women in the Be Kind villa. During your stay, there will be other women either following the 6 days retreats or the Shift program.

More information

For more information, please reach out via the form below or email directly to hello@bekindretreatsbali.com. You can also find more information in the brochure:

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