Awareness is the keyword of this first stage. We believe that awareness is the first step into healing, changing and accepting. To become aware of your struggles, feelings and patterns we need to disconnect first from our comfortable life and routines. This means a strict regime full of yoga, meditation and one-on-one coaching. In this week, we will unpack, unravel and unlearn. These things are tough, but when you allow yourself to go into this, you will find strength on the other side. This strength will guide you into your further healing journey.





On day one you will arrive in the beautiful Be Kind villa and there is time to settle, make yourself at home and ground. You will meet your teachers, coach and therapist and they are all happy to guide you into your process. You will join a small opening ceremony to bring you into the right energy in your ‘healing journey’ and you will have your first yoga class and sunset time on the beach in Canggu.


Day 2 to 6 - INNER WORK

In this first stage we will focus on letting go and releasing. The schedule of these days are similar, focussing on inner work, to make you comfortable and free to work as much on yourself as you wish.

Every morning at 8 AM you will start with an one-hour group yoga session, followed by a healthy vegan breakfast. During the day you will have time for your homework before the 1,5 hours one-on-one coaching session with your personal coach. The day will end with an one-hour group yoga session at 4 PM and transport to Canggu to watch the sunset and have dinner. During this week you will also enjoy a Lomi Lomi massage in a tropical spa and a women circle. Normal yoga classes already bring people more together, but the power of sacred women circles is even stronger. When women come together, share, talk and release, real healing is the result. 

During the private coaching sessions, you will find a place to work on yourself and go deeper into your healing process. The sessions will be a mix of intuitive coaching, trauma release therapy and mindfulness based cognitive therapy.



On the last day of the week, you will have a private driver for 10 hours to go wherever you want to go. No yoga and coaching, but a day to fully relax, reflect on the week and all the progress you have made and to enjoy the beauty of Bali. See the beautiful rice fields in Ubud, the white sand beaches in Uluwatu or visit one of the many temples the island has to offer. Time to relax and recharge yourself for the next stage.