Building the new, the answers within you will come the moment you are at ease with yourself. During the final stage we will plant the seeds for your future. The third stage is all about your next step. How are you going to include all the tools and new healthy habits you created in Be Kind in your daily life? Don’t worry! We will guide you into this and at the end of this final stage, you will see your future with new eyes, ready for your further journey. 


Week 3


This week we will start working to really make the ‘shift’ into your daily life. You will spread your wings outside of the Be Kind villa. You will build confidence within yourself to intergrade everything you have learned into your daily life. After the coaching sessions you will have a personal challenge, something you will discuss with your coach, to move out of your comfort and develop your social skills.


Day 16 and 17 - MINDFUL SURFING

You will join a adventurous activity, maybe something that is out if your comfort zone: learning how to surf. You will go into the ocean with our professional surf instructor to catch your fists waves and boost your confidence. The ocean has a positive impact on human health, spending time in the water is a natural healer to let go of stress and heaviness. Surfing will make you more patient; when you are in the water, you have to wait for the perfect wave, you can’t force the perfect wave to arrive.


Day 18 and 19 - ADVENTURE TIME

You will go on an ‘adventure’ with yourself, for one night in Amed to discover the beautiful east coast of Bali. Time to snorkel, see the beautiful nature there (mountains and volcanos) and last but not least: include all the things you learned during your stay in Be Kind in your new routine and life.

Day 20 and 21 - NEXT JOURNEY

In the last 2 days, you will work on going home. You will reflect on the past 3 weeks, what you have learnt and plant the final seeds for your new routines and life back home.

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