Stage 2 - THE SHIFT

This week will be beautiful and intense at the same time. Lots of emotions, eye openers and deeper release. It’s a week full of coaching and healing sessions and self-care. In the second stage we use a wider way of therapies and holistic treatments to reconnect with your own power and to start creating a healthy relationship with yourself. The healing sessions include TRE, creative therapy, reiki / chakra balancing and sound healing with a hands on expert.


During this stage we will work on three different levels, to relinquish old baggage in order to feel light and free:

1. Movement (body). In order to heal, we need to get moving: our bodies, emotions and socially. This is to get the energy flowing throughout your whole being.

2. Mind Focus (mind). Changing your mind perspective allows your energy to move.

3. Meaning (soul). We focus on seeing things beyond your own world.

Week 2 


The shift stage has a structured schedule every day filled with yoga, coaching, healing and cleansing. The yoga classes are at 8 AM and 4 PM and just as in the first stage, you can enjoy a healthy vegan breakfast every morning and go to Canggu for sunset and dinner in the evening with a private driver. You will also join a spiritual cleansing ceremony in the Holy Water Temple in Ubud. This is the perfect place to let go of everything you don’t want to hold onto any longer and set new intentions and soul goals.

The second week is focused on healing and cleansing. The holistic healing sessions are a mix of:

 - TRE. We believe TRE is an important tool for every woman to prevent stress and burn-outs, as well as a release for trauma from the past. It’s a beautiful and powerful tool to free yourself from any heaviness. TRE is a revolution in stress release, trauma recovery and PTSD prevention. TRE is a self-care process that can not only be used to ‘release’ stress and trauma but just as importantly to prevent stress and burn-outs.

- Creative therapy. Art therapy involves the use of different creative techniques such as: painting, drawing or sculpting. Being creative is a good way to express yourself rather than only using your brain. With the guidance of your coach, you can find the message found in your own piece of art. It will help to understand yourself more and have a better understanding of your own feelings and emotions.

- Reiki / Chakra balancing. Chakra balancing and reiki can be done through energy medicine. During a chakra balancing session or Reiki. Your holistic coach will assess the flow of energy and remove blockages, as well as even out the flow from all the chakras. If your chakras are balanced, in most cases, you will feel balanced and lighter.

- Sound healing. Sound healing sessions are like ’sound massages’ and you will fully relax! In a session you hear, feel and experience powerful sensations. This creates a deeper connection within yourself, allowing your body-mind-spirit to vibrate at it’s optimal frequency.


On the last day of the week, you will have a private driver for 10 hours to go wherever you want to go. No yoga and coaching, but a day to fully relax, reflect on the week and all the progress you have made and to enjoy the beauty of Bali. See the beautiful rice fields in Ubud, the white sand beaches in Uluwatu or visit one of the many temples the island has to offer. Time to relax and recharge yourself for the next stage.