Self-love Retreat


We believe in a holistic way of coaching, where we bring all aspects together: our mind, our body and our soul. At Be Kind you will go into a deeper journey to find inner freedom inside yourself. This means stepping out of the rational mind and out of your comfort zone. 


Holistic coaching

Be Kind coaches will guide you into your journey with intuitive coaching. This means they will connect with their intuition to read what is going on in your life. This can be with talking or in meditation, healing or releasing exercises. You will work together to connect with your own intuition to find answers in your life. We use creative therapy exercises, guided meditations, trauma release and even energy healing during the sessions.

Why Be Kind coaching is different regular life coaching is mainly focused on the goal and the outcome: what do you want and how do you get there? With an intuitive coach you will work from the inside to the outside. We work on the bigger picture, deeper questions and a more meaningful way of looking into your life. It’s a transformational way to connect with who you are as a being, and not just about what you are doing. It’s more about how you want to feel in life, instead of what you want to achieve. It’s a powerful tool to make long term changes in your present life.

Women circle

When we share our stories and personal struggles we realise we are not alone. We often think everyone around us is always happy and have perfect lives and that we are the only one having unacceptable problems or thoughts. Women circles increases the feeling that we are all together in this. We can support each other and motivate each other. Real connection is a powerful tool in the path of healing.

During a women circle we create rituals to find this support and connection with each other and this is when the magic happens: the power of healing together.

Learn to meditate

Learning how to meditate is learning how to get to know yourself. Most people know meditation as a spiritual practice, but nowadays we can use meditation for a more practical daily activity. After a week at Be Kind, you will be able to integrate meditation into your daily life. You can eat healthy, do lots of yoga, but if we are not caring for our mind, we are not completely healthy. Stress is the sugar of the soul and meditation will learn you to have less stress, in relationships, work and daily life. You will learn different meditations techniques, some more spiritual, some more practical.



The focus in the Be Kind yoga classes are on our YIN side. The feminine side, emotions, feelings, creativity and intuition are part of our yin side. In daily life we are often active in our YANG side. The yang side is our rational and analytical mind, but we believe we also need a connection with our YIN side in order to feel freedom from within.

The women attending Be Kind retreats often feel lost in life or disconnected from themselves. YIN yoga sn the answer to reconnect with our true self, to be soft and to stay soft to ourselves. The moment we put a lot of pressure on ourselves, we need YIN yoga in order to heal ourselves and to give love to ourselves.

All classes are suited for every woman. We don’t see you as a beginner or advanced, but we will focus on your strengths, giving you some challenges and sometimes bring you a little out of your comfort zone. This will all lead to self-growth, compassion and freedom from within.

‘An amazing week spent in a beautiful environment where I met some equally amazing people. I am so glad I made the decision to come as this was definitely just what I needed at this time in my life. I received the support and guidance I felt I needed, all in a safe environment where I was able to open up freely in a way I normally find very difficult. In addition I met some fantastic women on the retreat who definitely made this a week to remember! There were lots of fun times in addition to the tears.” - Maria



All rooms are private and accommodate one women each. The rooms have a kingsize bed, a private enclosed bathroom and come with air conditioning, a hot shower, fresh towels and toiletries.



  • 5 nights accommodation

  • 6 days activities

  • 8 yoga lessons

  • 2 coaching sessions

  • 1 healing session

  • 1 women circle

  • 1 self-love workshop

  • 1 meditation session

  • Cleansing ceremony in Holy Water Temple in Ubud

  • 1 massage

  • 5 breakfast, 1 lunch and 1 dinner

  • Goodie bag

  • Opening and closing ceremony

  • Private driver to all activities, lunch and dinner


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Be Kind is open all year round and all retreats start on Monday and end on Saturday. Fill in the form below to enquiry the 6 days Self-love package. Any questions? Please let us know in the form. You can also contact us via email to

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