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Be Kind Retreats

Be Kind is a small, personal, and unique retreat with space for 4 guests. It is important for us to guide you as much as possible during your juice and digital detox. Expect loving Be Kind staff and teachers who will share their energy with you and help you to find the right path in life. We have different teachers who are all unique in their own teaching. You will have the opportunity to learn a lot about your tech use and your spiritual site. The aim is to motivate you to really look inside and work on yourself during the retreat.  Of course, we will always be there to guide or support you.

Be Kind retreats is about internal attention and not about external attention. Don’t expect big groups or impersonal teachers. We create inspiration group circles where we encourage each other to listen to ourselves and share stories and energy. However, the retreat is focussed on the connection with yourself and not with others.

Be Kind villa

Surrounded by fellow travellers, yogis, and open-minded people you will feel right at home. The location is perfect, in a quite authentic village in the mainland of Canggu. There is arranged free transportation to several hotspots and beaches in the neighbourhood throughout the day (don’t need to worry about riding a motorbike). You will find comfy hangouts around the garden, house, and kitchen. The rooms are big and fully furnished, so you will have your rest and privacy. We are most happy with environmentally thinking persons, who treat the villa with love and share their positive energy.

All rooms have been designed to offer you maximum rest and privacy. There are two shared rooms and one private room. The interior is personal and unique which will make you feel right at home. All rooms come with en-suite bathroom, hot shower, air-conditioning, towels, fresh linen, and toiletries.



Be Kind coaching and healing sessions are an opportunity to find out where you are in life and how you want to feel. The program helps you to let go of behaviors that are not serving you anymore and to find out what your core desires really are. The answers you are seeking are already inside of you. We will simply guide you on this journey to uncover them.

Our head teacher en coach Loes loves to share her energy to guide women on their journey with coaching, meditation, and yoga. She helps women to create more self-love and compassion for others. Loes is a certified 200-hour yoga and meditation teacher registered with the Yoga Alliance and has a professional background in coaching. 

Offline detox

Be Kind retreats is about reconnecting with yourself. In order to do that, we believe that it is important to disconnect from social media and anything digital. No Facebook and Instagram, no phones and laptops and no Wi-Fi means less distractions, comparing and judging. It gives you the opportunity to learn how to do nothing, to enjoy being you, to be more mindful and to love yourself more.

For some people this can be challenging, but all the Be Kind guests feel relieved, free and self-loving after their digital detox. Give yourself the opportunity to fully recharge, reconnect with yourself and let go of all toxic things that don’t serve you anymore.



In the yoga shala of the villa, you will have two yoga classes per day. The morning class is perfect to start your day healthy and mindful. The other class will be in the afternoon, a perfect time to reflect on your day and reconnect with yourself. You will practice yoga in a small group where you will feel safe and in perfect balance.

We will introduce you to different yoga styles. This is a great opportunity to learn more about each yoga style and to find out which style you most connect with. We offer hatha, yin, kundalini, restorative, guided meditation, yoga nidra and vinyasa. The lessons are suited for every level. If you have never practiced yoga before, our teachers will be there to guide you through every pose and explain you about each yoga style. 

Cleaning ceremony

During this retreat, we will take you to the Pura Tirta Empul temple (holy water temple) in Ubud for a spiritual cleansing. This is the perfect place for letting go of all the things you want to let go of and to set new intentions and soul goals. We will guide you through your spiritual journey and tell you more about the Balinese culture while you are on this trip.

Tirta Empul means Holy Spring in Balinese. It's a Hindu temple located in a small village near Ubud. It is known for it's holy water and is used for spiritual cleansing ceremonies. The temple is dedicated to the Hindu god 'Vishnu'. Vishnu's avatars descend to empower the good and fight evil, to restore Dharma. 



Kingsize bed in private room and enclosed bedroom (1 person). Price is in Indonesian Rupiah.



Bed in shared room and enclosed bedroom (max. 2 guests). Price is in Indonesian Rupiah.



Be Kind is open all year round and you are welcome to start a retreat on any day you'd like, however we prefer to let all guests start on Monday. Fill in the form below to enquiry the 6 days Self-Love retreat. Your booking will be final when we have received the deposit*. Any questions? Please let us know in the form or email to:

* Do you want a personalised retreat based on your wishes? Any retreat can be customised, please send us an email to discuss the possibilities.

Thank you! We will get back to you within 24 hours :)

* Booking policy:   A reservation requires a deposit of 20% of the total price. The deposit is non-refundable. The remaining amount should be paid 30 days upon arrival. 

* Cancellation policy: A booking can be cancelled up to 30 days before arrival. Please note that the deposit is non-refundable. If the remaining amount has already been paid, it will be transferred back to your account within 7 days.