“Be Kind was the right place for me to be at exactly the right time. It’s a place to reconnect with yourself, it’s a place to find calm and silence, it’s a place filled with positive energy and most of all a place for meaningful connections. I learned to trust in myself, live wholeheartedly and accept the world around me as it is. I am grateful to have been able to spend this week here! Thank you for all of you – Loes, Suzanne, Bagus, Jim, Charlotte, Myrthe, Vanessa and everyone else.” – Derya

“Dear all, lieve Loes and Suus. Lovely Alex and Danielle, fun Jim, amazing Bagus! I came here to take some time for myself and I had little expectations. You guys surprised me in such a positive way!! This week was one of the most special things I have done in my life and an extra warm thanks to Loes. You brought me further towards healing in a way no one else has been able to so far. I leave with a heart, body and mind filled with love. Thank you!” – Anne

To the Be Kind team. It feels weird to be writing this as I feel like this is now my home. I have found myself and each and everyone of you has played a special part in my recovery. I never thought I would find myself in a retreat for 3 weeks so far from my country and although it was the hardest 3 weeks of my life, it was the most rewarding. Every person that walks into this villa has a smile on their face, a freshness about them and I have never felt more at home than I do right now inside myself within this beautiful retreat I have been blessed to stay in. Loes, Suus, Be proud of what you have created, this place changes and saves lives, I hope you understand the impact you have on the people who come here, you are both very special, beautiful and talented women and I will cherish the both of you forever. Linda, you are a walking angel in my eyes and your future is so bright and full of abundance. I will miss you so very much, thank you for being here with me and making me smile. You are so special. If anyone finds themselves in New Zealand then do let me know and I’ll do a free airport pick-up haha :). Endless love and blessings to you all. - Hollie

“Dear Be Kind family, Thank you so much for welcoming me with such open arms. In such a small amount of time, the Be Kind villa felt like home. When I came across your page, I felt that this was somewhere that I needed to be. After spending the week here, I am sure of it. You have all provided me with the love, guidance and care that I needed at this stage of my life. For this, I am so grateful. I have been able to connect with other powerful women, who have left me feeling so inspired and proud to be a women. I am leaving with a refreshed perspective of life, a great sense of who I am, positive energy and life skills that I will continue to develop. With a heart filled with love, thank you! Love, Adrianna.

Dear Be Kind team, thank you so much for this wonderful experience. At first I did not know what to expect, but you all made me feel so comfortable right away! Juliette, it has been so nice to meet you, such a kind and caring person. My yoga and coaching sessions with Linda really helped me with accepting the past and moving on to the future. Steffie has such a great positive vibe hanging and I loved her ‘bubbly’ attitude. Also a great big thanks to Loes and Suzanne who made this retreat possible for me. Last but not least: I really liked the trips with Jim. He could lighten your day after an intense coaching session. Thank you all, I enjoyed every minute of it and I am sure it will be super useful for me! All the best! Love, Claire.”

“Dear Loes, Suzanne, Linda, Stephie, Javi, Juliette and Jim. Thank you so much for the amazing experiences I have had this week. I came to Be Kind a bit weary from my own healing journey and it was incredible to meet and be supported by such strong, spiritual and connected women (and Jim). The space felt safe and truly filled with love, and while it was an intensive week, this was balanced out with dancing, laughter and celebrating our feminine energy. I leave the retreat with new awareness, new strategies to support my healing and growth, and new appreciation for just how important it is to honour and show up for myself always. Thank you for being my guides this week! I will treasure this experience. And thank you to Anna and Claire for being on this journey with me, may you have love and light in your lives”. - Aimee

‘An amazing week spent in a beautiful environment where I met some equally amazing people. I am so glad I made the decision to come as this was definitely just what I needed at this time in my life. I received the support and guidance I felt I needed, all in a safe environment where I was able to open up freely in a way I normally find very difficult. In addition I met some fantastic women on the retreat who definitely made this a week to remember! There were lots of fun times in addition to the tears.” - Maria

“Dear friends, I am so happy that I was able to find this place as it was exactly what I was looking for! Everyone was so kind… the drivers, hosts, teachers, coaches and the other women in the villa. I learned so much during my stay here for my self-love retreat (thanks to Loes, Javi and Jenny) and I am exited to take these lessons home with me and start living my best life! Leaving feeling optimistic and positive. Much love, Lisa.”

"The week with Be Kind was a gift from the universe, and I am glad I took it because it certainly become the best decision I made for myself ever. So believe me, if you are looking at my review - please accept the sign that you are given this opportunity to touch your inner self one step further. For all of you who's looking for guidance towards life, or simply want to reward yourself a peaceful time - this is where you would like to consider. Please don't come with too much expectations or judgement - just follow the flow - you will be able to embrace a lot of love and unknown adventure. I wish you a beautiful journey with the lovely team Be Kind :) " - Ling

“I have loved my week here with Charlotte, Javi and Bagus. This week will be a treasure in my heart. To meet younger women was wonderful too. To go deeper through myself, meeting my innerchild… MAKASI.” – Pascale

“Surf, sunshine, infinite love and beauty – a magical week at Be Kind, lovely spirits to share with. Thank you for helping me feel in tone with myself and with womanhood on this earth. Looking forward to next time. Much love from here and California.” – Katie

“This week has been wonderful. I have loved meeting inspirational women from all over the worlds, and I am leaving feeling energized and buoyed by their spirit. Jim’s surfing lessons were so much fun and I am so keen to surf at home in Australia. Thank you for everything and please come visit me in (not so sunny) Melbourne.” – Alex

“This has been a very intense week – filled with love, emotions, sunshine, beauty, believes, talks and amazing yoga classes. Thanks to all of you who made this week so wonderful. I am so grateful to have met so many wonderful people and for all the love. <3 from Germany.” – Linda

“Dear Suus, Loes, Charlotte, Bagus and Jim. Thanks to all of you for making this challenging but very fun and helpful week. I have learned to much these days and I want to continue learning back home with the tools you gave me. Big hug & much love, from Boudine.”

“Big, sincere, loving THANK YOU! This week has opened up my heart in a way I didn’t know was possible, I feel like I am learning as a new person. I will miss you all. One love from Sweden.” – Kim.

“Dear Be Kind team. Thank you so much for this week. It was so nice to meet all of you. I had so much fun but also I feel really relaxed. THANK YOU. Kiss from Switzerland.” – Janna

“Dear Be Kind, I came to the villa with a lot of inner struggles, and I am leaving with peace and confidence and trust. Thank you so much for everything, you guys rock!” – Anne

“Dear all, you made this retreat the best thing I have ever done for myself. I never had such a long time to just be myself, learn about myself and at the same time open up to other amazing women. I loved being here in the cosy villa bubble working on things I (was) struggling with and just get space to be but also to move in the yoga classes and experience my body. I am a little sad to go but also so happy to bring all of this back home and start working with it in my daily life. I hope you will keep on going for a long time and welcome so many women who were struggling like me when they come but leave so much more happy and in peace with themselves. Love, Malin.”

“Thank you so much for making me feel that I am worthy again. I needed to continue with my life. Love the retreat, great to find peace and mind within myself. You guys have a home in America. Gracias. Love from Leonela (Domenican Republic, America).”

“Speechless! All I can say is THANK YOU for this beautiful experience and journey and thank you for the beautiful souls I met. I thank the universe for meeting and experiencing this with amazing souls like you!” – Okkie

“Dear Be Kind family, it was the best decision to come… I found balance back and my inner peace. But what I mostly found was a family. You guys did such a great job! I am thankful for every minute. The people I met here are definitely unforgettable in my memories. And I am sure, we are going to meet again. Thank you again! I will definitely come back.” – Iris

“I never believed in miracles, but now I do. Thanks to every single person who helped me find peace within myself. You are all amazing, may the universe bless you and keep you safe. Much love, I will never forget you.” – Loulou

“Olivia was here. Thank you ladies for this unique and wonderful experience. I came here lost and broken hearted, and now I feel more complete and content with myself. Self-love! The team, Bali and this one week stay has been AMAZING! Love, Olivia.”

“Dear all, Bagus, Jim, Loes, Jenny, Suzanne, Agus and whomever else I have forgotten: thank you! This week has been a week which I spent on ME for a change. I loved being with me this week. And you all made it even better, all in your own way. I spent 6 days 100% offline and it has been the-best-every. I will definitely take this home. Love, Aurelle.”

“Dear all, thank you very much for giving the chance to stay here in this lovely place. You all together make this place special. A big thanks to the best surf teacher – I had such a lot of fun and I learned to believe in myself. Also a big thank you to Jacky, she gave me all the love I needed. Love, Patricia.”

“Dear all, thank you so much for this lovely and inspiring week. The surfing, the yoga, the coaching, the connection with my fellow girls were really great. You’ve created a truly special, safe space, where one can open up and (re-)connect, and all of this in beautiful Bali. Hope to meet you again!” – Simone

“Dear all, thank you so much for this week. It has really been magical and I leave feeling so much lighter and feeling clearer about who I am and what I need to live a true, good life. The coaching, the yoga, the villa, surfing, everything has really helped creating self-love and sharing this week with Simone and Carlene has just enhanced that feeling. I am ready to bring this feeling and the tools I have learned into my daily life. All the love, see you again!” – Marlin

"Be Kind has been an amazing journey - it is the only retreat that included every aspect of healing and activities that I was interested in, in a very unique way. The continuous positive atmosphere and support coming from the entire team has made this a safe and incredible journey. Every session whether it was yoga, caching, self-love workshop... felt different and has taught me so much. I am very happy to be able to bring back knowledge and practices of holistic healing home with me and to apply it to my every day life. Overall, this was an amazing experience that has brought a lot of joy in my life." - Ella

"I was not sure what to expect, but had an amazing time. The entire team is so lovely and each woman is special in her own way and brings a different personality. The meals provided were so delicious and the recommendations for restaurants away from the villa were really nice as well. I strongly encourage everyone to fully disconnect. The itinerary provided ensures a seamless experience so you don't need to worry about needing your phone. Keep an open mind and heart and you will get what you need." - Jessica ⠀

"I was searching for my own power and myself for a long time. This week really made me find a big piece of it. It helped me feel safe to open up and to be brave. I learned a lot of new things to love myself for and to let go of the past. I feel ready to grow into a strong version of myself. To find my authentic self. Here I made special connections with the people around me, that I will take with me forever." - Robin

"Thank you for opening my eyes to a new experience and a new kind of calm. The villa was such a peaceful retreat and I loved being with the other guests knowing there was no judgment and good intentions. This whole experience is totally new for me and I have taken a lot out of it and feel like I have many new tools to take home with me. Thank you for all the calmness, understanding and love. I will never forget this week." - Shannon

"What a truly amazing week! From meeting many other inspirational and ambitious young women to also discovering myself. Modern life regularly asks us to set our emotions aside and push down trauma, to keep calm and carry on, but this week I have learned how to express emotions, how to manifest and about my own power and my own life, and to learn practices that will stay with me for life. Thank you Be Kind!" - Laura-Jane⁣⠀

"Without experience in yoga, meditation or surfing, I arrived at Be Kind. I had little expectations about what to expect, but WOW what an amazing experience it was! I go home fully relaxed with a lot of tools and lessons in mind. Thanks to all the people here, you are wonderful! You gave me everything I came for and so much more! The combination of yoga, surfing, meditation, workshops and circles with nice people, Canggu, massages, a lovely villa, books and a lot of background information make this an experience to never forget. Thank you!" - Quirine