Be Kind values


Be Kind is built on a few core values. We believe in the power of women gathering together, of disconnecting first, the importance of always being kind and the healing power of small groups.

  • We aim for a sisterhood community that empowers one another

The main value of Be Kind is to create a safe space, in which you feel comfortable. In which you feel free to speak, to exchange, to feel, to give and to receive. We believe this safe space is for women only By gathering together as women we tend to feel more comfortable in addressing certain subjects and talk freely about taboos. When women come together, share, talk and release, real healing is the result.

  • We believe in the power of a social media detox

Social media feeds perfectionism, therefore all Be Kind retreats are offline. Distancing yourself from social media gives you the opportunity to connect with yourself on soul level and find out who you are, what your purpose is and what you really want in life. To fully reconnect and heal ourselves, we need to step out of our digital world and fully focus on everything that is inside us. Being online is only a distraction to not go inwards or to push away things we don’t want to feel or deal with.

  • Spirituality

We believe spirituality is a beautiful way to connect with ourselves on a deeper level. To connect with our ‘spiritual side’ is to connect with a deeper level of ourselves. Connecting with our spiritual self will help us whenever we feel overwhelmed with certain life events, emotions or personal struggles. In Be Kind we are very grateful to have to opportunity to guide you into your spiritual journey, with the yoga classes, women circles and coaching sessions, you will be able to connect more with your spiritual self.

  • Being kind is always the answer

It’s easy to complain, to judge, to gossip. But it takes courage to find understanding, compassion and empathy. We want to surround ourselves with women who have this courage inside: the courage to be kind . To be kind to others, but even more important, to be kind to ourselves in every situation. To step up for ourselves, to set boundaries and to create positive and loving self talk. 

  • We believe in the healing power of small groups

Be Kind is a place to heal, to open up, to be vulnerable and to reconnect with yourself and others. This can be harder in big groups as you might feel pressured, uncomfortable or overlooked. We have space for maximum 3 women per retreat, which makes us able to give you all our devoted attention and energy. Ever week we adjust all yoga, meditation and coaching sessions to the needs and wishes of the arriving guests. You will create deep connections with the other women at Be Kind, both guests and teachers, and feel more comfortable and free to show your authentic self.

  • Friendships on soul level

Many beautiful friendships are born in Be Kind. We believe there is always a reason why different women book the same week and stay together in the retreat: 

To learn from each other 

To connect with each other

To build a beautiful friendship 

To mirror each other 

  • Not only serious

We believe in the power of having fun and laughing together. Smiles are super healing! Smiling to ourselves and others is a beautiful daily practice in Be Kind. Sometimes the sessions can go deep and there will be tears, but we always balance this with lightness, fun and smiles. 

Do you have any questions about our core values? Please don’t hesitate to reach out. You can contact us via email: We share more about these topics on our Instagram.