For who


For every woman who is ready for a shift in their life, we don’t call it a change, because we believe all of your strength, wisdom and love is already within yourself, it is all about shifting your awareness, mindset and daily habits and this is exactly what we do during a Be Kind retreat.

This shift is a different experience for everyone, from a serious life with lots of stress, to a more mindful way of living, with more time for fun and smiles. Other women experienced a shift from a negative, self-destructive way of thinking, to a positive and healthy relationship with themselves. 

Every woman chooses their own level, if you need a total break from your daily life, disconnect and live mindfully for 6 days, than our retreats are perfect to learn more about mindful surfing and connecting with yourself through yoga. If you wish to go deeper, Be Kind is a safe and sacred space to go on your spiritual inner journey. 

All our retreats are for young minded women, this doesn’t have to do anything with age, but everything with your mindset: how young do you feel? The Be Kind team is a mix of young and open mined women, who all have a mission to make a positive impactin this world. 

For every woman who is ready to feel their freedom from inside, 

For every woman who wants to find their inner strength (back)

For every woman who wants to love herself and embrace her imperfections 

For every woman who is brave enough to let go of her struggles 

For every woman who wants to forgive and release