The healing power of surfing


Surfing can play a big part in our healing journey as it allows us to work on all levels. Not only on the physical level, but also on our mind and soul. We believe in the power of holistic healing, in balance between the body and mind. Surfing allows us to be mindful. 

By going to the beach, we reconnect first with nature. We walk barefoot, feel the fresh air on our bodies, the sand under our feet and hear the powerful sound of the waves.  Entering the water makes us feel the power of the ocean, being carried by the waves, but knowing how to remain in control of our bodies, not to let ourselves be submerged. Surfing is about courage and trust.  

In the ocean we can see the waves going up and down. This is similar as in real life. Being in the ocean reminds us that just like the waves, our lives also has its ups and downs, it’s what makes us alive.  Like the ocean, we have "high" and "low" periods, but that shouldn't stop us from moving forward. By becoming aware of these flows of energies, we can easily draw parallels and feel within ourselves the energies that cross and move. When we practice surfing, we have the opportunity to work on our own sensations and to connect with our whole self. 

To let go and feel brave and strong in the ocean can sometimes be overwhelming. It's a bit of a leap into the unknown. Surfing is a great way to face our fears. To show up for ourselves and no one else and believe that we can do it. Sometimes the first waves are difficult, sometimes it takes patience and perseverance to return. This is also about the courage to try and to not be discouraged. 

Once on the board, we can focus on the present moment, on the incoming waves and feel the flow and the movement around and within us. It’s a practice that is similar to meditation, it allows us to defocus from our negative thoughts or overthinking. To be able to stand on the board, or to lie on it, is a way to let the peace settle in in us. It's also a way to feel free. Free from our own brain, free from the external world, free to choose what we want to feel inside ourselves.

While surfing, we are unconsciously practicing important life lessons and at the same time we are having fun! Surfing is above all about fun, playing with the ocean, while respecting it. There are no prerequisites, there is no need to become a surf champion to be able to enjoy it. In Be Kind, we do not seek to make you become the best, we just want you to discover a new practice and try a new experience. Whether you stay in the water for 10 minutes or 2 hours, it doesn't really matter, as long as you indulge yourself and unconsciously (re)find the child inside you. 

Having fun while growing on emotional and physical level, that's what surfing is all about, and that's why we love it :)

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