What if we had the opportunity to attract exactly what we need when we need it?

This is what we call “intention”.

An intention is not a simple desire or a passive expectation. Wanting to go on a trip, for example, has nothing to do with the intention of going on a trip. An intention, is a real projection in the objective to be achieved, a powerful creative force stretched out for this purpose. Even if targeted attention is a prerequisite for the intention of something, intention does not come from our normal awakened consciousness. It comes from a deeper level, beyond thought or belief. Intention in itself is not based on focus - but on openness and trust.

By focusing your consciousness on something, you energize that idea or thought. This is the first step, to activate the process of manifestation... or to let the magic operate :)

The act of focusing on a goal can be done in different ways, according to your desires and what seems to work best for you. You can visualise a situation, express it orally, write it down or recite it during your daily meditation.

It’s important to have a clear idea, precise enough to trigger signs. It can be to develop love for yourself, to let more joy come into your life or to meet and attract specific people around you. Once the idea is present in your consciousness and you focus all your attention on it, the energy of intention is built up, and will be able to expand and grow.

Intention is also based on connection, integration and alignment.  When you access deeper levels of consciousness, you connect to your Self. You experience your being, in the most global sense. In this state, consciousness is open and you don’t need to think about the object of the manifestation. You are simply open to it and you allow it to be. You trust the process.

In Be Kind we will ask you what your intentions are for the coming week. What do you want to receive, what do you want to bring, what do you want to work on? It’s an active process, which requires involvement. It’s also learning to let go, having no expectations of particular results. It’s being open and aware to external signs, which are not always what we would expect.

During our retreats, we want to guide you to manifest and build your intention from the inside. Often we say to ourselves that we do not deserve something, that we are not good enough, or that it is impossible. Manifesting an intention, in yourself or on paper, is to say : I allow myself to believe in it and I am worthy of what I desire.

To manifest intention is to be you, conscious and alive. This is where all creation takes place.

Ready to come to Be Kind and manifest your intentions with us ? :)

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