“Today I just want to express gratitude. I am grateful for life and the chance to live fully, I am grateful for the amazing people that are already part of my life and for all the persons I still have the opportunity to meet and to connect with.

I am grateful for being alive, being on the path of my own journey, discovering new things everyday and I am grateful for my body, allowing me to do what I want but also for warning me when I’ shouldn’t.

I feel grateful for what I've already done, for all the challenges that I had to overcome, and all the lessons it allowed me to learn. I feel grateful because I know I can trust the process. Even when I don’t understand at the exact moment what is happening to me and the reasons why I have to take a specific road, when the time will be right, I will know.

I feel grateful every morning, to start a new day and have the power to decide what I want to do with it. I am grateful for feeling emotions within me; there are days when I feel carried by a certain energy, others when I feel vulnerable and sensitive. I am grateful for being able to express my emotions, all of them.

I am grateful to learn new things every day, to discover new practices and new tools. To be curious and thirsty about life and experiences. To be able to give and to receive love, in so many different ways.

I am thankful for feeling my desires. Wanting to do things, no matter what, is to express something from within, something real. Feeling like going out, running, singing, dancing or doing yoga, is just as good as feeling like staying at home, alone, listening to music or even letting time pass.

I am thankful to feel the light in me again, to feel that taking care of myself, trying to understand myself better also allows me to better understand others. It also allows me to connect with people in the right way, to give them what I’m experiencing inside me.

By being at peace with myself, I also feel at peace with others. I am grateful for not trying to compare myself or let myself be self-judging. Being able to stay who I am, knowing that it’s no better or worse than others, than the rest. I am enough, and I'm doing what I can.

I am grateful to know that the people around me are also there for a reason, that they choose to accompany me on a part of my path, in the same way that I do for them. I am grateful to meet real and authentic souls, who have decided to really meet themselves and who today are inspiring other people around them.

I am grateful to know that we are free. Free to surround ourselves with the people we want, free also to detach ourselves from them. I am grateful to see that I am the only one responsible for myself, for my choices, for my desires, for my dreams.

I am thankful that I don't look for answers outside myself, but that I am able to look for them first within myself. Why ask others to think for yourself, when you have all the cards in hand to do so? Knowing that it’s up to me to find my own truths and rules. I am thankful to be aware that the things I have been taught are not always the things that apply to me. That what is true and applicable to others is not necessarily for me. That it’s possible to challenge certain beliefs, even when they are well established. That it’s possible and brave, not to think like everyone else, just because it seems easier.

But even more importantly, and this is one of the things I learned in Be Kind: I am thankful to feel safe, to feel "at home", in the right place... it's above all to feel good inside yourself.

It means feeling good about yourself, no matter where you are physically or outside of yourself. It’s being able to feel at home in your own body, to have confidence in your ability to look after yourself.

That's also why I am grateful: giving myself time, space and kindness, allowing me to create my “home” inside. My own home.”

Be Kind Retreats Bali