Creating an alter


In both the Be Kind retreats as in our lives, it’s very important for us to create a sacred space, in order to settle a very special energy. Having a space in which we feel good, safe and secure allows us to make things happen within ourselves. It's a way to feel at home everywhere, by creating a little bubble that really feels like us. 

To create this, we use candles, incense, flowers, stones, figurines... Everything that speaks and soothes us, allowing ourselves to recenter. But your altar can be made up of anything that speaks to you! It can be a picture, sand collected on the beach, a souvenir that particularly touches you. Everything that feels good for you.

In Be Kind, we like to have in the center of our space the figure of Ganesh, god of wisdom, intelligence, education and prudence. Also known to remove the obstacles of illusion and ignorance. Whenever we want to receive strength to overcome challenges and leave behind what is no longer useful to us, we turn to Ganesh. It's a beautiful and powerful way to connect deeply to the energies that surround us. 

Having an altar is helpful in many ways; when we enter this space, we know we are free. Free to feel our emotions, free to do what is right for us, without judgment and without fear. We can meditate, we can dance, we can sing, we can cry.

To have a sacred space is also to allow yourself to take time for you and materialize it. When you are in an apartment or a house, it can be difficult to practice meditation or your rituals in the middle of the kitchen or distracted by the external elements you know from your daily life. 

From the moment you take the time to have your own space, even if it is in your room, having the intention to create and manifest it, allows you to put in place the right energies. Those who will be able to accompany you during your practice. You won't see your room as the place you sleep anymore, but it will be transformed into your sacred space to heal. 

It’s also a good way to disconnect from the outside world and make an appointment with yourself. When you enter your sacred space, no matter what form it takes, you are giving yourself a precious moment. Everything that happens inside is for you, a little secret garden that you cultivate. You can invite the people you want in your space, but it’s up to you to make the decision. You can bring in the energies you want, knowing that you are protected and safe. If you feel disturbed, stressed, angry, having a place to sit, to recharge, is a great help.

When you go on a trip, or far from home, you can always recreate your space by taking some elements of your altar with you. It allows you to feel at home everywhere. Knowing that the real home is yourself, you are able to feel at home, within.

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