A holistic approach for depression


Why is it that so many beautiful young women suffer from depression? Is taking antidepressants really the solution to heal? We believe there is a powerful holistic way to heal from depression, without taking strong medication. 

We believe depression is a result of depressing your emotions and a lack of self-connection. In the Western world we are not taught how to use our emotions. Be Kind believes this is a priority in order to grow in life. 

Why is it so important to release our emotions? 

Emotional energy is very powerful, both negative and positive. When we express our emotions, we feel light and in control of ourselves. When we depress our emotions, we might feel heavy and have the feeling we are out of control. When the energy is blocked, we feel disconnected with ourselves and mostly unhappy. When we block one of our emotions for a long time, depression can be a result.

How to deal with this?

Everything is energy. Our emotions are energy and this can result in heavy negative energy or positive light energy. It is all connected to the way you release. The answer is to feel. The more you feel, the more you express. The more you express the more you are connected with yourself and the persons you love. 

Where to start? 

  1. Talk to someone you trust. Whenever you notice you feel down and just want to stay alone, it might be really hard to talk things out, but this is the only solution to make yourself feel better. 

  2. Move. Start to move your body or move your mind. This will lead to a shift. 

  3. Find the right help. For everyone there will be a different way of healing when you suffer from a depression. Find a way you feel comfortable with. If you are interested in a more holistic way of healing yourself, our Holistic Therapy Program might be a good option for you.

Holistic Therapy Program

During our holistic therapy program "The Shift" we will work on learning to get to know your emotions and how to express them. It will be a combination of these three things:

  1. Movement (body). In order to heal, we need to get moving, our bodies, emotions and socially. To get the energy flowing throughout your whole being. 

  2. Mind Focus (mind). Changing your mind perspective allows your energy to move. 

  3. Meaning (soul). We focus to see things beyond your own world.

The Shift is a 2 to 3 weeks holistic treatment program for women who struggle with depression, anxiety, eating disorders or an all over feeling that live is not giving you enough or the constant fight of pushing yourself. It is for every woman who is ready to feel freedom from inside, to find inner strength back, to love yourself and your imperfections, to let go of your struggle and to forgive yourself. 

The Shift uses a wider approach of therapy and holistic treatments to reconnect with your own power and start to create a healthy relationship with yourself. The shift includes: meditation, yoga, pranayama, mirror work therapy, art therapy, music therapy, healing therapy, surf lessons and one-on-one coaching with a hands one expert. 

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