Mental health awareness


There is something we noticed about the way ‘society’ looks at mental health, something that we would like to change. Most of the women who come to Be Kind have already experienced or are currently experiencing a difficult time. A period of questioning, episodes of anxiety, panic, depression, intense stress. However, they do not always find the necessary support or caring people who are able to listen to and support them. Often, a kind of shame settles around mental problems: depression, eating disorders, anxiety... They feel ashamed because they are suffering from a mental disease.

Wait what ?

When you break an arm or get the flu, no one questions the fact that you are sick and that you have to take time to recover and heal.

Why would it be different with our mental health?

A mental health problem seems like a "dirty" word, something we shouldn't talk about. We are afraid to talk about it, we feel judged, we feel "weak", as if we were forced today to be always fine, to show the best version of ourselves. The perfect images posted on social networks, the pressure exerted by the media... all this plays on our beliefs and encourages us to hide behind a facade: the one where we only show our dreamed and perfect life, the one where the weather is fine every day, where we post pictures on Instagram in which we look great, but which took us 20 minutes to shoot.

The reality is that we are not robots. We are human beings, we are not frozen in a picture. We have emotions, we live things, and it is by living experiences that we also experience challenges and situations that are more or less comfortable. There is nothing shameful about suffering from mental disorders, nothing weak or to hide from.

Sometimes, just talking about it can unlock things for you and others. Because most of the times, the people who are not here to understand you as you would like, are just not aware of what mental problems can be and how intense they are. They just don't know...

The experiences you had or are having are a part of you, they allow you to grow and evolve. To show courage, perseverance, strength. To become who you are. This does not mean that you have to do it alone, because sometimes the most healing thing to do is asking for help.

We would like to remind you that you have nothing to be ashamed of. That you should be proud, proud of who you are. By freeing up the voice and telling your stories, you also allow others to release their fears, to dare to open up, perhaps even to ask for the help they need. Even more important: by opening up, sometimes showing your most vulnerable or darkest sides, you inspire hope and respect. Experiencing difficult times and to be able to face and overcome them is probably the most inspiring thing. Showing that you can get out of situations that may seem insurmountable when you experience them, is a valuable help. A breath of fresh air in the dark hours.

It's so important that we address mental health with as much energy as we apply to physical concerns. Our health deserves nothing less.

Don't hesitate to share with us your inspiring stories.

Sending you love, always.

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