Cleansing ceremony


In Be Kind, you will have the opportunity to join and participate in a purification ceremony. Bali is a very spiritual island and energies are present all around us. Prayers and offerings are a daily part of the Balinese life. To connect with these energies and experience the Balinese culture, we bring you to a Holy Water temple for a cleansing ceremony accompanied by a local guide. Balinese people go to this temple to purify themselves and to celebrate or protect places or people by using sacred water from the source.

It’s an intense experience, because beyond the mental aspect and the wish to purify ourselves, the physical aspect is also present; we feel the power of the holy water flowing over us, rinsing away the negative energies, giving space to something new.

When you arrive in the temple, you immediately feel that the atmosphere is charged with energy. This particular atmosphere accompanies you throughout the experience. We start by going down a few steps, having in mind the intention of what we want to let go. We arrive at the first temple, in which we will sit to perform the prayers, following the guide. We have offerings, flowers and incense in front of us, which we use during the ceremony. This is the time to clearly express your intentions, but also to express gratitude to this place that welcomes and protects you.

The purification ceremony begins. We start by cleaning ourselves under a first row of fountains, taking care to clean our face, several times, then our entire head.

The journey continues, we go down a few stairs to perform another prayer ritual in front of a sacred temple. A powerful moment, loaded with meaning. You don't need words to understand that something strong and intense is happening, and even if you don't know how, things are already moving inside you.

Emotions can come out, without really knowing why. Tears can flow, the need to internalize and remain in silence is present.

The last stage can be the most intense. We arrive in front of two waterfalls, where we will clean ourselves by literally diving under the waterfall. First of all, completely covered by the powerful water that makes us aware of the purification, we feel inside and outside ourselves that we are letting go of things we no longer want, things that were well anchored and that, by the power of the water, are gradually letting go. Then, we let ourselves go under the waterfall, to fill ourselves this time with new energies, to let the power and purity of the sacred water support us.

After participating in this experience, most of the time you feel very tired. Because things have moved inside you, energies have changed, they have been transformed... shifted. When we are stuck with our fears, insecurities or worries, having the support of this strong water as a cleaner is very powerful. It helps us to cross the line, let go and be open for something new.

We invite you to come and live this powerful experience, whether you need a helping hand or not, the sacred water will necessarily move something in you :)

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