A week in Be Kind


On Monday, when new guests arrive in Be Kind, it's always an important moment. It's the beginning of a new adventure, an experience... and for some of them it can be a real challenge, but life changing experience. Some women go away from home for the first time, alone. They leave their daily lives behind, to finally take some time for themselves.

When we are busy with our every day life filled with daily distractions, taking time for ourselves is like going to the unknown, it makes us curious but worries us at the same time.

Often, the excitement of being in Be Kind is also accompanied by stress or nervousness. How is this going to work? What am I going to do without my phone? What's it like to be with myself? We usually don't really know what it means to be with ourselves, and how to deal with it. Because we are taught to depend on others or to correspond to ideas, beliefs built by the external world. We are taught to behave well in society, to follow the rules.

But what if there were no rules ? Just the ones you create for yourself.

It's normal to feel a little lost at first, because you lose the reference points you have created for yourself on the outside. But once you arrive in the Be Kind villa, it will be possible to set new standards and new habits. This is also the strength of Be Kind: leaving your routine, disconnecting completely in a new and safe environment, surrounded and accompanied by women who are there for the same reason as you: healing. By getting rid of old habits or things that you no longer want to keep, you also give way to attract new things.

Very often we observe that after the first few hours, after the opening circle and after some exchanges with the team and the guests... All the fears and worries are already gone.

Be Kind's space is special: the energies are powerful and already full of healing. Just being there is enough to make a difference and make things move inside. After a few days in the villa, the women realize that they can take time for themselves, and that they actually like it. Reading a book, drawing, taking time to write in their journal, just sleeping and resting... Having a sacred space, without any obligations or constraints, without disruptive thoughts, allows you to free yourself from stress and find your inner self. Taking this time, also allows to start afresh, recharge the batteries, integrate new practices into your daily life.

Some women do not want to turn their phones back on right away when they leave, they no longer feel the need. This is also Be Kind's desire: to make women aware of their true nature. Who are you when you are alone with yourself? When you do not need to wear a mask, whether that of a mother, of a daughter, an employee or a companion? What are the things that motivate you deep down? What's good for you, what's worth leaving?

At the end of the week, the women realise that the week has passed quickly. Finally, the fear of being with themselves, of being bored without a connection, is quickly dissipated by the activities in the villa, the real and authentic connections created inside and the appreciated moments of taking time to just be.

So if you also are in doubt, if you hesitate... just remember that the biggest step is to dare! Dare to try the experiment. Once the first step is taken, the path is absolutely clear.

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