One-on-one coaching

2 months coaching and healing program


After coaching over 100 woman in our retreats, we love to expand and offer our guidance and support to all beautiful women around the globe. The one-on-one coaching program is based on everything you need to make a beautiful shift in your life. We believe in the power of healing from within, to connect with your true self, to connect with your dreams, to become aware of certain patterns in your life and to let go of negative believes in all life areas. 


The journey

These three months will be a personal journey for you. To go inwards and to become clear about what you need to let go of, how you would like to feel and how to integrate this on a more practical level.

In the program we will focus on ‘how you want to feel’ rather than on what you would like to achieve or have. The moment we become aware of our feelings and emotions, we become more clear about what we really want in life.

We believe in making a shift rather than a change. A shift is forever and is totally within yourself; you only need yourself. We believe all the wisdom is already inside you . This program will help you to feel, see and realise everything that is already within you. You don’t need to change, because you are already all that you need. We will give you the guidance and support to find this inner wisdom and to connect with your authentic self.

The Be Kind coaches will guide you safely into your healing journey. You will create a wonderful partnership with your coach and she will help you create new paths to finding your happiness.


Our approach

We provide different holistic therapies for women who struggle with anxiety, an eating disorder, depression, burn-out, grief or the all over feeling that life is not giving you enough and the constant fight of pushing yourself .

We believe in the power of holistic healing and healing from within. The sessions are not just talking with your coach; they are a unique combination of talking ánd expressing yourself in other ways, such as art, movement, meditation, mirror work, journalling and energy healing. We already spend so much time in our mind, but in order to really heal ourselves, we need to step outside our rational mind, to feel and to express our true selves, only then we can connect with our authentic self.

For more information about the different therapies we use, kindly visit the holistic healing page:

Our coaches 

The background of every Be Kind coach includes studies in psychology and/or yoga, meditation and energy healing. Every coach had their own way of healing from a mental struggle and they will share their own healing story as an inspiration for you to find your own path. All Be Kind coaches will provide a safe space for you to open up and create the best path of healing for you.

Online coaching

We understand that not every woman can take time off of work or fly all the way to Bali to join one of our retreats. Being able to help women by coaching online will bring us closer to our purpose: guiding as many women into their healing journey. Our coaches are located in Bali (UTC+08:00) and available from Monday to Friday.

2 months coaching program



  • 1 hour session every week (via Zoom)

  • 8 sessions in total

  • Access to the Be Kind community (private Facebook group)

  • Weekly homework, exercises and creative assessments


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